Sexual Healing
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Morgan reached the peak of his existence since having FIOS installed. Mack is ready for his big promotional interview – he hopes. The Butt Bandit got thirteen months in jail!

A “Munchie”, Indiana woman lights up a funny cigarette on a traffic stop. Did the old broad really find the money? An Indiana man is busted for stealing his own already stolen van. Smile dummy, you are on Candid Camera. I have an idea – let’s rob a couple of cops. The Mexican cops bust a father for drunk driving – not the dad type, the priest type. Girls just want to have fun but one guy is not interested. Some girls just want to fight – with a cop and it pains us to think about this one. Which end of the gun should a robber hold?

Sound interesting? You bet it is. So fire up iTunes, download episode 101, listen to it and have some fun. Stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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