Missing M & M

This week is sort of unique. This is the first time that both Mack and Morgan are off playing at the same time. Fortunately, our Two Girls From Utah were able to find time to sit in and help with the show.  However, the audio quality may not be quite up to snuff because we had to throw things together on the fly but we will fix that next time.

The 2GFU approved of last week’s show but they missed the Mackster. They also had their normal common sense assessment of a few stories from the show. I wonder what they will think of this week’s show.

This week from the news desk, the first step in the Robbery 101 handbook is to fill up the gas tank. Pink panties as a gift from your buddy to your girlfriend – hmmm. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Please fasten your seat belts. Also, a reminder to everybody to please keep your clothing on. Always point the pepper spray away from you. The adrenaline dump at the end of a pursuit can cause problems. No time like the present to start your new law enforcement career.

Many thanks to the 2GFU for coming to my rescue this week. Mack and Morgan will be away during the month of July so if you have an interest in appearing on the show, shoot me an email and we will see if we can do some new and different segments throughout the rest of the month. In the meantime, kick back and enjoy the show. I am sure there are a few beers left over from the picnic yesterday. Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week!

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