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This is police memorial week and the CopCAST crew is dedicating this episode to our brother and sister officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in the line of duty.

The CopCAST crew had a busy week. The forests of Timmins are on fire and Mack helped out by taking pictures to post on the internet. Morgan got word that he will be traveling to China. Finally, Rich learned the basics of plumbing – hot on the left, cold on the right and shit flows down hill.

The big question of the week is will the the two girls from Utah rise to the challenge.

In the news, we begin with drunken Amish youths. Ehe Kansas City police used a Taser gun to make a point with a nude man. Gas for ass in not a good idea. A county jailer will probably end up behind bars or his police impersonation. Don’t register for a raffle when you are in the middle of a crime. Little Red Riding Hood didn’t have anything on this home invader. In our keynote story this week, we ask “What would you think if your wife and best friend were the stars in that porn dvd you bought?” Impersonating a sheriff’s deputy is never a good idea, especially when there is a real one waiting on the other side of the door. Bad service in a restaurant – shoot!

We have another installment from the life of George, our new audio segment from Great Britain. This week George worries about aging and the toll the job has taken on his body. However he discovers that was time has taken away, wisdom has replaced.

Kevin an Micheal also announce the new name for their segment this week.

The May flowers are blooming, the grass is cut and you really don’t have much to do so take a moment to download this episode of CopCAST or just listen to it from the website at http://copcast.net. You may find yourself joining the legion of listeners that listen every week.

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2 Comments on “CopCAST Episode 123 – Wife Porn DVD”

By 2girlsfromUtah. May 21st, 2009 at 9:10

Hmmm… Now wouldn’t that be interesting finding a Naked man in my bed. Big mistake!! Where’s my shotgun? This aint no Goldie Locks story here Baby!!. We wouldn’t let the Creep leave without some buckshot in his ass. He’d be there still when the cops came. We have cuffs and ducktape. I can’t believe that silly woman asked him to leave. How polite! Is she English?
setting a scene

Okay!! woman get you ass out of the wormpit and leave those chickens alone for a minute those boys from copcast want us to make a reecorrd get over here and helps me. she hollers across the yard.

both woman standing in front of computer hands on there hips scowling they look at each other and “Um! Boys” they whine “We aint got any idea how to make a audio comment”
Bloody Hell I feel like a Bloody Berk! stalks off to sit on porch swing

We love you guys keep up all your hard work.

btw Berk = Idiot

By unknown. January 29th, 2010 at 13:11

There is a time and place for porn, and I do love the show. Thanks for the post!

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