Your Brain On Drugs

Guess what? Summer is here and Morgan would like to try a cool new water sport. Water boarding a sport, right? Rich found his voice. We know! A bunch of listeners just said, “Oh, shit.” The Mackster is sporting a new goatee and mustache. He looks like the Star Trek version of the evil Mack.

This week in the news, the force is alive and well in one of Scotland’s largest police agency. A naked chick dances with a firefighter. Then a teenager has an “oh crap” moment. A bank robber was heard saying, “Great balls of fire” as he fled from the bank. A Comcast technician fixed one guy’s internet connection in a “flash.” In Russia, only your hair dresser knows – well her and now the cops. How embarrassing is it to get your butt kicked by a 44 year old woman? This Texas purse snatcher knows. Smoking dope must have an effect on you brain after all. Just ask our keynote criminal of the week. Finally, dumb and dumber try their hand at bank robbery.

This week we have another fantastic installment from the life of George, our new audio segment from Great Britain. Rizo and Michael outdid themselves again.

We know you are anxious to go mow the lawn but the grass will be there later so download the show, fire up the iPod and give us a listen. To be frank, we really sucked this week but don’t be a fair weather fan.

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By 2girlsfromUtah. April 27th, 2009 at 13:22

Hello Fellas.
2girlsfromUtah would like to offer name for the adventures of George section of your show.


love ya all

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