Asleep On The Pot

Thank goodness the humor in this week’s show is not as strained as Rich’s voice. Since Rich couldn’t speak well, Mack and Morgan had to pick up the slack since the show must go on.

This week Daniel Bateman sent us a cool video of a subject assaulting a medic ( In the news, a Brooklyn man takes a bite of crime. A hero cop gets a pat on the back and kick in the butt on the same night. A little girl shows compassion and maturity well beyond her years. Arrested for a porcelain porker? Really? This speeding driver is really screwed. A Texas man was stabbed after causing a stink in a motel room while eating with a friend. A Michigan man fathered 14 kids and owes over a half million dollars in unpaid child support. Sucks being him. Then there is our keynote story about a shitty baby sitter. Want to learn how to become a successful burglar? We have some tips.

The spring sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, the show is ready for you to download to your iPod or listen on line. So kick back and give it a listen. See you next week!

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By ghetto ink. May 4th, 2009 at 22:49

crack head … what city were they in for the police not to have a taser gun

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