Family MoviesThe stars, the sun and the moon have finally aligned and the entire CopCAST crew is back this week.  We thought we were going to lose the Bahama beach bum but the cyber Gods smiled upon us and we were able to pull off a show even though Morgan was on the road again.  And a special show it is!

The week a thief learns what every good real estate agent knows.  The key to success is location, location, location.  When this kid says he wants fish sticks for dinner, he means it!  Did Arizona school officials overreact to this biology extra credit project?  Probably not.  All of the good karate experts perform while drunk and naked.  China has its own version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and but drivers aren’t singing along.  Is a blow up doll a necessity or a luxury?  The moral of our keynote story is be careful what you ask the police to do – they may grant your request.  Talk about a dog day afternoon.  Robbery is hard work so you need to eat well.  As if prison didn’t suck enough, how would you like to be in the same cell as a guy you helped put there?

Do not forget to send us your job, training and event announcements.  We will be happy to put them on the next show.

We want to thank Michael Dickie for sending in our second audio comment.  It was a great comment and he had some good ideas and suggestions.

It is going to be a beautiful day so sting up the hammock, download the show, fire up the iPod and enjoy the show.

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