Jigsaw LoveJust when you think things are going to return to normal, this job throws you a curve. Morgan has finally returned from his whirlwind tour down under but now Mack is missing in action. Actually, he got called back out right before we started to record so he is probably more accurately “missing for action.” However, that is the nature of the beast so Morgan and Rich picked up the torch and carried on.

In the news this week, we are reminded that peeing on the coffee table can get expensive, especially when you do it in the wrong house. In our keynote story, an adventurous couple enlisted the help of DeWalt but it resulted in a medevac flight to the hospital. Popeye would be proud of the New Mexico cops who discovered some interesting cans of spinach. Was there a full moon last week? An assault with a turkey baster? Really? Can you believe those two nice girls took that guy’s casino winnings. A rookie meth lab builder is happy the cops caught him.

Check out Morgan’s pics from his trip at http://gallery.me.com/morgan.wright.

If this show sounds a little bazaar, that is because it is. What else would you expect when Mack is not here to supervise the crew. So turn the volume down on the basketball game, fire up the iPod and enjoy the show.

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