Turned 21 In Prison

The CopCAST crew is driving on through the cold winter days. Could it be that Mack is regaining a hardened street cop attitude after only a few weeks back on the road? Will Morgan come back from his “hard work” at the conferences with a sun tan? Will Rich ever get the wallpaper off his bathroom walls? Inquiring minds want to know. You will have to tune in to this episode to find out the answers to these pressing questions.

This week a Maryland family believes that all takes a whack at the cops. Potty pyromaniacs strike in San Francisco. Customs agents put the habias grabus on pigeons that flew first class to Australia. Retired Atlanta cop get busted for flashing badge. Hey hold my beer while I do burnouts outside a police graduation. Our keynote story this week is about a robber who is not permitted to violate age restrictions on alcohol consumption. A Florida man is busted for looking for love in all the wrong places. If you get ripped off on a dope deal, don’t call the cops. Putting 911 on hold while you make a dope deal is not a good idea.

So hitch up your big boy (or girl) trousers, download the show, fire up the iPod and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

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