Crusin' Cooler

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The entire CopCAST crew is back at the microphones for this week’s show – and a great show it is.

Sometimes you just have to wonder about people. For instance, how could one driver accumulate 1.9 million dollars in fines. Idaho just says “no” to campus cops. It is really “Sucksville” when a cops starts a fire – even for love. Remember, it is not the fall that will get you – it is the sudden stop. Dallas Police Department releases shooting video. Is there really a blue wall of silence? Great database – not so great results. Really, the guy was driving a cooler. This week we have the weird, the strange and the bazaar – and that is just Mack’s vacation pictures.

So stop watching debate reruns, break out the lawn chair, fire up that fancy new Zune player and enjoy the show.

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