Texting Is Dumb

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The Mackster is still across the pond and we are hoping that the London Bridge is not falling down. Morgan got stuck in California but he fought his way back to do the show.

This week we have a student who thought it would be a good joke to steal dead animals from the vet and stash them in the lockers at the local high school. The cops did not agree. A bad search gives an Alaska man the opportunity to commit suicide in the back seat of a patrol car. Several charges have been dropped against a Seattle cop stemming from an August shooting at Sturgis. To the dude with the picnic – is she really worth all that trouble? A study shows that a motorist who is texting is significantly more impaired than a motorist at the legal limit for alcohol. The windy city cops are expressing their displeasure with management via reduced productivity. A gorilla robs a Dunkin Donuts store – or something like that. One subject serves as the intermediate weapons training dummy for the local police. Ah Morgan . . . in what state did those last two incidents occur? What a week!

So turn off the television, fire up the iPod and get ready for another fantastic show. Mack should be back next week provided he has enough money left for the return airfare.

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