Excessive Sound Effects

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In the words of Mick Jagger, “Too much is never enough.” OK, so we went a little overboard with the sound effects but therein lies the danger of giving little boys fancy toys. However our legion of listeners really came through for us by sending in some great local stories and our CopCAST correspondents searched the web to find some great news reports.

CNN never covers the really interesting stories like the robber who locked his keys in his get away car so we do. Most of us like to go on a department sponsored road trip every now and then. However, one Kentucky sheriff may have carried it a little far on a recent extradition. I apologize in advance but you know we were going to have to talk about the recent Big Foot finding. Like they say,”There is a sucker born every minute.” We also tell you about a new program that provides e-mail for inmate. It actually is not as bad as it sounds. These are just a few of the stories we discuss this week.

So put on your silk smoking jacket, kick back in your recliner, fire up the iPod and join us for another lighthearted look at the cop news.

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