Don't Stop FlashingThis week the digital command center came under attack by mother nature.  Although Salem, Virginia is normally 70 degrees and sunny with beautiful bikini clad women everywhere, we suffered a freak snow storm that was intended for Northern Virginia.  That’s right – we had 15 inches (38 cm) of snow in 24 hours.  But fear not – the show must go on!

This week the Two Girls From Utah tell us what they think about the Supreme Court and the foxes in England.  And, as usual, we just never know what they have on their minds.

The statistics on gun deaths of cops don’t look too good this year.  For our keynote story all I can say is don’t listen to that girl from New Zealand.  A Washington D.C. cop helps out with a robbery that goes bad.  Catch me if you can.  Why did he pick that car to hijack.  Talk about bad luck!  A mother/blogger posts updates about her son’s death on Twitter.  He went to a Halloween party as a cop.  Unfortunately, he is a cop and that was his real uniform.  The top 10 best places to get a cop job – check them out at  A drunken cowgirl.  Those video clips were the only occasions in which he had an unnatural connection with the dog.  That makes me feel better.

This week we have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain.  There are times when no amount of planning can cover absolutely every outcome, although it has to be said that some of those occasions are where fantasy intrudes on real life. Who can possibly be expected to predict when they will be stopped in their tracks by parodies of themselves?  Confused? Then settle back and give old George a listen.

Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing a recent article on by Columnist Ken Wallentine.  The article discusses his assessment of the top 12 cases of the 2008-2009 term of the United States Supreme Court that impact street officers.  This week I’m going to review the sixth case that Chief Wallentine wrote about, Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts.

So download this week’s show, fire up the iPod and relax.  I will be busy shoveling my driveway until spring arrives.  Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a Merry Christmas and a great week!

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