Girl Gangs

Again this week, Mack Pettigrew and Morgan Wright were off playing. Rich had to search the depths of Southern England to find a co-host for this week’s show. Our regular listeners will probably recognize Michael’s distinctive accent. Rich devoted his week to corrupting, I mean training, a new generation of supervisors in Southwest Virginia. However, with the help of our CopCAST correspondents, he and Michael put together another great show.

Like always, we were able to tap into the vast redneck wisdom of our very own Two Girls From Utah to get their perspective on last week’s show.

On the news front, some inmates in a Florida prison promise to “bee” good. Saint Petersburg College rises to the challenge of training law enforcement officers on the growing problem of human trafficking. A nun-to-be learns the bare facts about Facebook pics. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the bank robberies were as easy to solve as the one in North Carolina? If you conspire to kill a cop, don’t forget to bring your toothbrush to court. Driving can get a bit boring so why not spice it up with a little porn? A California streaker plays catch with a Taser and a bean bag round. A gang of women wreck a cyclist and it hurts so good – NOT! The British security folks learn a lesson about online security.

This week we have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. Thanks to Kevin and Michael for sending us an other great parable that causes us to stop and think.

Summer is getting away from us quickly so get outside and enjoy it. Before you head outside, download this episode of CopCAST, load up the iPod and grab a beer then head for the hammock. Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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