Guess what? Summer is here and Morgan would like to try a cool new water sport. Water boarding a sport, right? Rich found his voice. We know! A bunch of listeners just said, “Oh, shit.” The Mackster is sporting a new goatee and mustache. He looks like the Star Trek version of the evil Mack. […]

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Thank goodness the humor in this week’s show is not as strained as Rich’s voice. Since Rich couldn’t speak well, Mack and Morgan had to pick up the slack since the show must go on. This week Daniel Bateman sent us a cool video of a subject assaulting a medic ( In the news, a […]

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Well it has been another great spring week. Depending on where you live the spring weather may have been a lamb or a lion. Well we have a lion of a show this week. The whole CopCAST crew was present and ready for action. Morgan was a guest commentator on Fox News. Life has settled […]

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This week’s show is dedicated to the three fallen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cops and the two who were wounded while responding to a domestic disturbance yesterday. Our thought and prayers go out to the officers, their family and friends. What a week. Things have settled down for Mack and Morgan but Rich had the week from […]

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