Manual Download

Depending on your computer’s configuration, you may be able to simply click on the episode links and listen to CopCAST via internet streaming audio over your default media player. However, you can also download each of the episodes by right clicking on the links, saving the files to your computer and then simply double clicking the mp3 file to listen to the podcast on your computer. You can also load the files on your mp3 player and listen to them anywhere.

The latest shows include an audio player.  Just click on the play arrow to listen to the episode on your computer.  You can also download the episode by right clicking on the “download” link just below audio player.

Automatic Download

If your are using an aggregator, like iTunes or Ipodder, our rss feed is We are finally on iTunes so just click on the Podcast button, do a search for CopCAST and subscribe.

In addition, you can set your preferences to customize the what, where and when of your podcasts on iTunes. You can set the preferences to check for new podcast episodes hourly, daily, weekly or you can check manually using the Update button. Automatically download every episode or just the most recent ones. You can keep all of the episodes, delete them after you play them or keep a specific number based on the release date. iTunes automatically checks for updates and downloads them according to your preferences.