Kitchen Bitch

Another week has come and gone and the temperatures across the country are screaming summer is here. In keeping with the season, Captain Boatboy Mack is out on the lake in his boat so Rich and Morgan had to brave it alone.

The Two Girls From Utah gave last week’s show a thumbs up. The girls give us their review while the chicken scratch and cluck around them.

This week in the news we kick things off with our keynote story about an unusual occupation. Next, we had a blast from the past with an emu story. Then there was the case of puppy love gone crazy. How about a domestic assault using Cheetos – mmmmm. Sexy clothes, sex and drugs – sound good? Be careful. Finally a streaker apparently needed to fuel his run.

We have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. This week George and his probationer are assigned to a DUI checkpoint. Who would have thought that his sports experience would end up being key to his success as a cop.

It is so hot you might as well just stay inside, fire up the iPod, crank up the volume and enjoy the show.  Remember to stay safe, always wear you vest and have a great week!

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One Comment on “CopCAST Episode 129 – Kitchen Bitch”

By Big Ste. June 29th, 2009 at 11:54

Hi Guys, just to drop you a line from Liverpool, England, I have been listening to your COPCASTS for the last few weeks episode 126 through to 129. I am friends with the 2GirlsFromUtah and George. Now I’m not a Police Officer myself but my father is a Police Office so having been given the links to the weekly episodes have been listening intently and once my father comes back from his holidays (vacation) will be send him the links to you site! The girls are hilarious, what’s funny is the fact that the intrigue that you find in them is probably similar to the intrigue that I find in America generally. Anyway as I said really enjoy the weekly stream keep up the good work and keep them girls in check, don’t have them taking control the lord only knows what will happen then! Regards ‘Big Ste’ (Stephen) Liverpool, England.

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