Tampon Thief

Did someone waive a magic wand and make it go from spring to the dog days of summer in one day? It is hot but the CopCAST crew has persevered and made it through another week. Morgan has only run over two of the mall rats that are ruining his Starbucks experience and Mack has replaced Tom Cruise as the Top Gun of the OPP. Rich is working feverishly to finish the 2009 online legal updates course before the July 1 deadline. But we all took a break to turn out another fantastic show.

The Two Girls From Utah graced us with their presence again this week but you may be a little surprised at their comments. They compared us to Suz’s plow horse. So much for the “badge bunny groupie” label with which we have stuck them.

The news machine was working overtime this week. A Rambo police volunteer speaks out on Facebook – dumb idea. It must have been a Rocky Mountain high that caused a Colorado burglar to ply his trade in the buff. Hannah Montana did this pirate in. Spiderman gets squashed. A Japanese attorney show her ass – literally. Our keynote story this week is just plain funny – period. Is this going to take long? I am late for my AA meeting. No more French kissing for you. Nice set of choppers you have there.

We are pleased to present another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. This week George finally gets a long awaited literary masterpiece and he also points out the obvious to an irate citizen.

It is hot and humid outside but this week’s episode of CopCAST is as cool as ever. So download the show, fire up the iPod, pop the top on a cool beverage and enjoy. Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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