Girls Night Out

Sex sells! After last week, we had to revert to a sure winner! Not much exciting to report in the life of the CopCAST crew this week. However, Cliff Smith sent us an article about a law enforcement explorer who saved the life of an officer. 2girlsfromUtah offered a name for the adventures of George section of the show: The Bitchin Bobbies Return. Ahhh yeah . . . NO!

Should you decide you have an urge for pole dancing and topless girls, don’t go to Akron. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s take the hubby’s patrol car for a ride. A Florida deputy has a life changing accident. Take a moment and learn about the latest dumpster diving craze. In our keynote story, a man takes his girls on a trip to the Publix store. The “History Making House Party” wasn’t. Nothing says love like breaking into a minimum security prison to see your boyfriend. A man hid in the trunk of his estranged wife’s car before popping out to attack her as she drove down the highway. Tired of waiting for granny to die, just thump her.

This week George learns a little about the problems of working within the confines of the juvenile justice system.

Dave Peoples, with the Cambridge, OH P.D. wrote to say his department will be hosting a week long Advanced Tactical Team school put on by Singleton International. It will be conducted November 16-20, 2009 and you can register at

So shut off the lawn mower, grab a cold one, download the show, fire up the iPod and enjoy. But remember to stay safe, always wear you vest and have a great week.

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By 2girlsfromUtah. May 5th, 2009 at 11:52

We girls from Utah. Yes there are 2 of us. Would like to know how you guys figured out that 2 Bitches from Utah would of been a great title for us. We both are California born so Nooooo on the Mormon stuff. We are 2 Tattood white trailer Trash gals in love with your show. Keep up all the fun. We can’t get enough of you all. Fer shurrr !!
“winks at George”

By John. May 12th, 2009 at 13:26


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