The Five Foot Thing

We should probably name this episode the “Off Again, On Again, Off Again” show. The CopCAST crew had a tough time getting together this week and, just when we thought we had it nailed, it didn’t quite work out. The show started without Morgan and ended without Mack. This is a funny business we are in but the show must go on.

This week in the news we start off with a tech warning about cyber crooks and ransomware. Wouldn’t you like to investigate a case where the perp is called the “boob-job bandit.” Our keynote story this week is scary. Imagine your police horse being assaulted by an inflatable five foot penis. A drive through bank robbery, really? If you are going to speed – then really SPEED! The students at MIT are really bright but they can’t say the same about at least one of their cops. Always with the aluminum foil – even as a shoplifting tool? Someone is holding luggage for ransom and, believe it of not, it isn’t the airline. Why would someone plan to steal guns at a gun show? Next time break into a home it is less dangerous.

We have a special surprise this week, a new CopCAST segment from our friends across the pond and you get to help us name it. Listen to the Mike and Kevin production about a day in the life of UK cop. Send your suggestions to

Oh, by the way, don’t miss the New England Law Enforcement Expo in Massachusetts. It is free for law enforcement personnel. Check it out at New England Law Enforcement Expo.

The sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day to download CopCAST, fire up the iPod and go take a walk. Do it quickly before the basketball games start back up!

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