Hiding In Havana

This week the CopCAST crew is running a little light.  No Morgan hasn’t lost any weight.  Mack is in Cuba smoking cigars and sipping rum with Fidel so  Rich and Morgan have to carry the torch.

In the news, a Canadian woman went looking for love in all the wrong places and got screwed by the Nigerians.  Two border patrol agents are released from the big house.  Is that guy a thief?  It depends.  Don’t you hate when people lose their balls?  Male enhancement but at what price?  An Oregon man has developed new custom trousers.  Bloomington cops really love doughnuts now!  Police intelligence – who knew?

We have all this and more!  So don’t let Mack be the only one having fun.  Download the show, break out the rum, fire up the iPod and enjoy.

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