Ginsu Knife Road Rage

It is hard to believe that Superbowl Sunday is upon us. That only leaves the Pro Bowl and then life is a downhill slide into baseball season. Fortunately, Mack has returned to the road to fight crime and injustice so he will be busy. Morgan has been working hard on an information integration project and has practically been out of the online loop. Rich is just waiting for Sunday and the inevitable Steeler victory.

We kick things off this week with our keynote story about Ginsu knife road rage. Is it serial arson or an gang initiation in Pennsylvania? Participate in restraining order violation and get charged with being an accessory. The goat stole my car. Is doughnut-eater really a criminal insult? Get real guys. If you want a long burglary career don’t do it near the Premier’s house. My feet are freezing! Man’s best friend gets busted. Some people should just be strung up.

This week the show is a mixture of wild and serious stories. So while you wait for the Superbowl, download the show, fire up the iPod and enjoy.

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