Bisexual Hooker Cop

This week everything returned to normal for the CopCAST crew – well at least as normal as it can be. The recording went much more smoothly. Mack is back on the road and playing cop. Morgan is happy that the Obama mania is over. Rich describes a security problem with the Safari browser. If you are on Windows, just stop using Safari until a fix is released. If you are using Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, follow the updated instructions on Mastenbrook’s Web site at Rich also posted an officer safety warning on the True Blue group at Cops Online about a hidden compartment on All-Star hats.

This week in the news a fleeing subject gets that run down feeling. How many crimes can one person commit in seven hours? Gwinnet County, Georgia wins the million dollar lottery. Matt Dillon gets popped doing 106 in a 65 mile per hour zone. A Chicago cop gets stung in a tow truck pay off scam. Our keynote story this week is out of Great Britain and it involves a bisexual hooker cop. You can’t make this stuff up! Note to self – don’t attend your own funeral. Even Allstate won’t forgive this guy. Cocaine and personal hygiene equipment.

Since, there is no football on television this week so you might as well spend you couch potato time listening to this week’s show.

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