Toys For Cops
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Santa has dropped his load and the CopCast Crew is back on the job. Morgan gets a special Christmas gift in remembrance of his father. Mack discusses the trials and tribulations of his promotion notification process and post holiday shopping. Rich was able to defeat a nasty little bug quickly enough to do some damage to the Christmas treats.

As a quick side note, there will be no more Apple keynote speeches at MacWorld after 2009. Windows users – Microsoft has issued some serious patches for Internet Explorer so make sure you run the updater.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, for one California gang banger, it is also worth about 18 months in jail. Again, 230 fugitives fall for Cook County’s holiday ruse. Ding, dong – cocaine calling! The New York police academy joins the iPod generation. Stealing and selling gold is enough to make you go postal. German cops deal with the case of the “Stollen” cake. Inquiring minds want to know – how do you call 911 when you are being smothered? British scientists just visualize the fingerprints and they appear. And finally, our keynote story! Some DC cops find a great place to pick up some inexpensive Christmas toys.

So download this episode, pop the top on a cold one, kick back on the recliner and relax – you made it through Christmas.

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