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This is a happy week for Morgan since he finally got his Verizon FIOS service up and running. Look out world you better prepare for an onslaught of 12 second videos. Mack is in quite a fix, 30 centimeters (11 inches) of snow and a broken snow blower means manual labor unless he can con an intern into shoveling his driveway. Rich nearly became a millionaire this week. Unfortunately, the guy who wanted him to “stand as the next of kin” for 10 million dollars got booted off Cops Online. So close and yet so far.

This week a homeless man helps the FBI pop a robber. Will a pallbearer Tase? Oh, yea. Aren’t dogs supposed to protect their owners? Fake cops, traffics stops and YouTube – they make it so easy! Please remove your shoes ladies. Note to self, don’t leave butt prints on store windows. Have a plan before you steal an ATM machine. Older woman should have sold tickets to sex show. An assault with a dead turkey saves a lady from thief.

We have another great show so make a turkey sandwich, grab the iPod, sit back and enjoy the show. Remember to stay safe, always wear you vest and have a great week.

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