The Rooster
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This week Morgan was able to stop packing for his trip to the IACP conference in San Diego long enough to do the show.  Mack did a good job pulling himself to the microphone, which is more than he can say for that charity tug of war he did this week.  Rich found out that there is a four o’clock in the morning too as he started his midnight rotation.  Fortunately, we were able to get together for another great show.

Apparently there were some unusual boulders in the streets of Boulder, Colorado but the cops “busted” them.  The Dark Knight made sure that a dark Halloween stayed safe for trick or treaters.  A Texas cop got credit for busting a car thief and got his truck back at the same time.  A Pennsylvania man is busted twice in six hours for DUI.  Talk about high tech!  How about a GPS chastity belt?  What would you do if someone made 7,000 emergency calls?  We agree with you!  Breaking into a police station and stealing cop stuff is not a good idea despite what that alcohol is telling your brain.  This chicken rules the roost but not the cops.

You made it through another week so time to treat yourself to a little “me time.”  Slide into that recliner, put on those noise canceling headphones, fire up the iPod and enjoy the show.  Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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