No Starbucks For You

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Our legion of listeners really came through for us this week. We kick things off with some great feedback from both new and veteran CopCAST listeners. If that was not good enough, our CopCAST correspondent corps continues to grow and they are providing us with some great fodder for the show

This week a Chicago cop gets the distinction of serving as our keynote story because of her passion for Starbucks coffee and pastries. A Maryland agency has a major “Oh, crap” moment when they raid the mayor’s house and shoot his dogs. Will New York soon be more wired than London? You be the judge. Then there is the Longmont Pornography Age Verification Unit that is not – or something like that. Sound interesting? Well that is just a brief peek into this week’s episode.

So put on your running shoes, plug the earphones into your iPod and join us for another informative episode while you jog around town.

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