Drunk Driving Record

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We have put together another fantastic show this week. Morgan Wright of The Thin Blue Line is back in the copilot seat and the Mackster is still enjoying his vacation. Believe it or not, a prisoner actually does make his escape through the duct work this week. He just had to lose a few pounds in preparation for his great escape. Unfortunately, we have more than our fair share of mentally ill people and the murders to go alone with them, including a firefighter who is murdered while trying to extinguish a vehicle fire. A Rhode Island man gets his name in the record book but not for anything that would make his mother proud. Then there is the cable guy who goes for the ride of his life.

I know it is hard to believe but these are just a few of the stories we discuss this week. I want to thank Morgan Wright, from The Thin Blue Line for taking his time to help out with the show for the second week. It looks like we may have to put him on the payroll.

So spread out the checkered table cloth, fire up the grill, put on the burgers, crack open a cold drink, fire up the iPod, lean back and join us for the show. Don’t forget to stay safe and always wear your vest!

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