Trojan Attack

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This week we kicked things off by talking about Trojans. No, not the ancient Greeks or the prophylactics! These were even worse – they were little computer nasties directed at Mac computer. Mack made very weak attempt at joke about a robbery so we jumped over to drunk wheelchair operators. Man this sounds like it was going down hill quickly, doesn’t it?

Well let’s move on to the Mini-Me that took granny’s car on a joy ride to the mall, the slow speed ticket and the 911 green song. Not got your interest yet? Don’t worry we still have the naked guy from Georgia, the photo enforcement issues, more on Tasers and Mars Phoenix Lander Tweets.

If this show sounds like it was all over the place, you pretty much have it nailed. However, we had a great time doing it and we hope you will enjoy listening to it.

So turn up the air conditioner, fire up the iPod, kick back and join us for the show. Oh yea – don’t forget to stay safe and always wear your vest!

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