Dog Bites Cop

Two in a row! That’s right Michael is back for a second week in row and this is another great show.

This week, Suz is recovering from her operation so we couldn’t connect up with her but I did get hold of Shell. She said she has been carrying Suz’s water for years so it wasn’t a problem to do this week’s show by herself. And, as usual, even with only half of the dynamic duo, we just never know what the Two Girls From Utah have on their minds.

Felony snowball charges in Virginia. Our keynote story involves cops, dogs, doctors, nurses, fist fights, a criminal and a bad day at the office. The driveway pavers, Willie and the cops. It couldn’t? have waited until they got off the interstate? An expensive spare tire. Russian takes gardening seriously. UK cops ground remote control drone. And you thought your vest was important – wear your vest. A little highway entertainment in Chechnya. Finding Facebook through Google may be a problem for one Website.

This week we have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. You know, in the UK, contrary to what you might read in certain sensationalist newspapers, possession of firearms is still rare and offenses involving firearms even rarer. The police in the UK are unarmed so when there’s an incident involving firearms, they take things very seriously.

Don’t miss our continuing review from the Force Science News – Transmission 141. Maybe we can help you get back into the gym.

The weather is heating up and this week’s show is hot! So download the show, load up the iPod, put on the headphones and think summer! Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week!

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