Police Auto-EroticaWell, we made it through our sesquicentennial show then everything fell apart. Between a major issue with my online training system and the flu, I got my butt kicked last week. Of course the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters so I am not going to dwell on the past. Although I am still not feeling that great, we are going to do the best we can to turn out a great show.

We finally got some email. Make sure that you send your email to talkback@copcast.net – – – not .COM! That might explain why we have been a little lean over the past few weeks – – NOT!

Again this week, I was able to get together with our very own Two Girls From Utah to get their perspective on last week’s show. This week the girls get a fan letter or sorts. Shell talks about police auto-erotica – actually she found a rather erotic description of your next police vehicle – and Suz discusses the relative merits of a career as a door-to-door pharmaceutical salesman.

In the briefing room this week we kick things off with a tale of a good guy gone bad in Canada. Learn how to safely go online with the new computer Santa is going to bring you. A “devastating tragedy” in Detroit. Don’t forget to put that camera on the Taser before you use it. A fatal end to a police career. Check out the crash video on my blog, The Sisyphus Comments.

We have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. No matter how many years we’ve done in the job and how experienced we become, there was a time when we had to be taught. The instructors who led us through our early days made a great impact on us and their lessons stayed with us throughout our careers, but how often do we we actually pay them the tribute that they are due?

Don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity for you to earn a few brownie points with the Chief. Tell him about the IACP/SACOP Police Chiefs Scholarship Program.

This week I’m going to review the fourth case that Chief Wallentine wrote about in his PoliceOne.com article, Herring v. United States.

So download the show, fire up the iPod, grab a one of those fancy pumpkin drinks at Starbucks and enjoy. Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week!

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