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Where has October gone? We are already deep into football season, it is starting to get cold and they got 8″ of snow in State College, PA for the Penn State homecoming game. It won’t be long before we are all out doing accident reports as a result of the weather. Might as well just stay indoors and listen to this week’s show.

Before we get started, this is the last week I expect to have no email – so start typing.

The Two Girls From Utah stopped by again this week to give us their take on last week’s show. They gave us the naked truth.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. P*ss on those cops – or at least their station house. Just stick your dope in the bowl. A casket and a ransom note. Give that gun back – it doesn’t belong to you. I will not rob banks. He missed court but he had a good reason. Our keynote story is all about politics and ninjas. Someone stole my dope, man! Better late than never.

This week we have another installment of the Tales From George’s Pocketbook, our audio segment from our brother officers Great Britain. You know, there are times when we all have to realise that no matter how capable we are and how well we control things around us, there are times when you are completely powerless to do anything. That’s possibly the hardest thing for a police officer to ever accept.

This week I want to let you know that the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety will be conducting a Police Motorcycle Instructor Training in Portsmouth, Virginia starting on November 2. Check it out at Website: https://nucps.northwestern.edu/course/crs_detail.asp?id=1374. You can also call or email Sam Pettineo at nucps@northwestern.edu or (800) 323 – 4011.

This week I want to announce that the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police is looking for a Law Enforcement Policy and Training Specialist for its new Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program. Check it out at http://www.vachiefs.org/jobs/item/law_enforcement_policy_training_specialist_domestic_violence_sexual_assault/.

So download the show, pour yourself a cold one, kick back in the recliner and have a laugh. Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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