No Foot Pursuits

It is beginning to feel like fall on the East coast with cooler temperatures but it has rained for the last few days. The one sunny spot is this week’s show.

The Two Girls From Utah stopped by and they could not resist talking about the Passion Pants story from the last show. See what else they have to say.

The briefing room was full of great stories beginning with our keynote story but don’t run to listen to it. Walk over to and watch the associated interview. No rows of corn in Philadelphia. Don’t ride your Barbie car at your next drunken party. An Emu will Tase. It was a creamy Alfredo sauce jar. A naked dirty Harry in Florida. Would you like fries with your dope and gun? Narc detectives go Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home. Making a 14 year old sexual dominatrix deserves gets mom and boyfriend 25 years. Now everyone can describe the robbers.

This week George learns that the Bavarian two fingered nose-throw is all very well, but when you’re in a scrap there are no holds barred, he favors the use of his primary assets when it comes to restraining prisoners.

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So stop by Dunkin Donuts, pick up something that will blow your diet, fire up the coffee pot and listen to CopCAST. Remember to stay safe, always were your vest and have a great week!

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