Dumpster Diver

You know I have never been able to figure out why people want to work day shift. It has messed my CopCAST production schedule all up. But I did better than last week. I have to take pride where I can get it.

The 2 Girls From Utah are back and even sassier.

Discretion is the operative word. One for three is still 330 in baseball. Crack for clunkers. Our keynote story this week is dumpster divers. She may have killed someone but her nails look great. Right place – wrong time. Vibrating Passion Pants. War in hell especially when re-enacting. Why they call it High Street. Facebook fanatic.

It seems it’s not just George that manages to get in a mess, this week it’s his friend that has to deal with a pussy with mange.

On December 10th an Anti-Terrorism Training For First Responders course will be conducted in Chesterfield, VA. Sign up at http://www.vaemergency.com/train/antiterrorism_for_firstResponders.cfm.

Check out the Culpeper Police Department at http://www.culpeperpd.com – they are hiring.

For get football for a few minutes, download the show, pop a top and have a blast. Remember to stay safe, always were your vest and have a great week!

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