Cocaine Coochy

This is definitely an international show! First, Michael returns to co-host the show from Great Britain. Next, we received audio comments from both German and Israeli listeners. Finally, we have stories from around the globe!

This week the Two Girls From Utah give last week’s show a big thumbs up overall and they give us their take on the best of the week stories.

We start out with a Biggest Loser candidate who can hide a gun. Flowers, rape and lies. Somebody is watching you. Gaseous distress is carried to a new level in Texas. This Michigan man is barking up the wrong tree. You can’t beat these tae-kwondo trained Korean tourists but they sure can beat a thief. Don’t you hate when a burglar gets caught with his pants down . . . and he is wearing – well you will see. In our keynote story this week, a woman just can’t keep her mouth shut. Hmmm that is unique. A decent burglar but a bad fence. Remember – if you are going to trash your job and boss make sure haven’t added him to your Facebook friend’s list.

This week George is taking a break and stepping aside to let someone else take the limelight for the next few minutes. We challenged the legion of CopCast listeners to have someone step forward and they responded with a great story, which I hope will be the first of many.

Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Levels 1 & 2 – – Liz Ladford,, 630-365-1700.

Even James Bond would take a break to listen to this episode of CopCAST since is a international man and this is an international show. So give your friends a call on your shoe phone (or cell phone) and encourage them to download and listen to this week’s show. Then do it yourself!

Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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