Car Surfing

The CopCAST correspondents really put the pedal to the metal this week. CopCAST is heating up faster than and August day. We have a wide variety of interesting stories to discuss so join us in the briefing room.

The Two Girls From Utah fuss over Michael, the co-host from last week. It borders on disgusting.

Sometimes even cops do something do dumb that it defies explanation. The good news is they found the drugs and the bad news is they found the drugs. I didn’t even know Weight Watchers had cupcakes but I bet your teeth would need whitening after eating them. Snakes on board an SUV. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Mental illness can be a terrible thing. In our keynote story, they forgot they needed an ocean. A mother is always there for her son – even in the get away car. Do these glasses make my face look fat? Talk about a crime – look what is happening to our elderly.

I think we have all run into a Mr. Angry at some point. George does an admirable job of handling his old Mr. Yuk.

You better make sure that you air conditioner is cranked down low before you listen to this week’s show because it is hot. So grab your iPod, a tall glass of iced tea and enjoy the fun.

I almost forgot here are the imports links from this week’s show:

Elder Suicide in Virginia: 2003-2007

El Paso, Texas Street Survival Seminar


Remember to stay safe, always wear your vest and have a great week.

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