For the second time this year, the digital command center got hammered with a foot of snow. Somehow we got the show out despite having to shovel tons of snow. Again this week, I was able to get together with our very own Two Girls From Utah to get their perspective on last week’s show. […]

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Well it was a rainy weekend but that didn’t dampen our spirits for this week’s show. It will be the the Colts and the Saints in the Super Bowl. We had a ton of email this week. Remember, 20 days until Valentines Day on February 14th – don’t mess it up this year. I was […]

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Well this has been a lazy weekend since the football playoffs are in full swing. That is the National Football League for our listeners from around the world. You know, big guys with lots of pads, crashing into each other on purpose. I did get the oil changed in the Honda, both cars washed and […]

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Winter is upon us! If you are unfortunate enough to live in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania or a host of other northern states you probably spent your week snow bound. We have the solution to your cabin fever – this week’s episode of CopCAST. This week, I was only able to get up with half […]

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“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date I’m late. I’m late.” That is me this week. The start of the new year brings lots of pressing business issues but I was finally able to get out this episode. Sorry for the delay. The Two Girls From Utah give us their perspective on last […]

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