This week’s show is so big that it took an extra day to produce. Did you buy that? Well it isn’t entirely true but it sounds good since this is the sesquicentennial episode of CopCAST. We got skunked again this week – no listener email – come on folks, you can do better than this. […]

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The skies have finally cleared in Virginia, I unloaded the animals and torn apart the Ark. What a fun week of virtually non-stop rain. However, the sun always shines on the digital command center and CopCAST is always bright and cheery. Again this week, I was able to tap into the vast redneck wisdom of […]

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This has been another busy week with some things falling apart and some things coming together. One of the things that fell apart was Michael’s AOL Instant Messenger program but we were able to salvage the show using Skype. The Golden Corral’s 9th annual Military Appreciation Monday dinner will be held on Monday, November 16, […]

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Again, I am running a little late but this should be the last time that it happens.  A little schedule change should take care of this weekend interference.  Regardless, when you see what we packed into this week’s show, you will know it was worth the wait. You can receive AMBER Alerts on your cell […]

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