We should probably name this episode the “Off Again, On Again, Off Again” show. The CopCAST crew had a tough time getting together this week and, just when we thought we had it nailed, it didn’t quite work out. The show started without Morgan and ended without Mack. This is a funny business we are […]

icon for podpress  CopCAST Episode 116 - The Five Foot Thing [44:48m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

The stars, the sun and the moon have finally aligned and the entire CopCAST crew is back this week.  We thought we were going to lose the Bahama beach bum but the cyber Gods smiled upon us and we were able to pull off a show even though Morgan was on the road again.  And […]

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Just when you think things are going to return to normal, this job throws you a curve. Morgan has finally returned from his whirlwind tour down under but now Mack is missing in action. Actually, he got called back out right before we started to record so he is probably more accurately “missing for action.” […]

icon for podpress  CopCAST Episode 114 - Jig Saw Love [32:14m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

The dynamic duo is back again this week since Morgan is has gone underground since going down under. It is just like old times again this week but the full CopCAST crew will be back next week. On a side note, the active membership of Cops Online (http://copsonline.com) blew by the 3000 mark this week. […]

icon for podpress  CopCAST Episode 113 - The Stoned Cat [28:32m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

The CopCAST crew is running lean and mean for a second week in a row. This week it is Morgan who in on the MIA list since he is traveling on business down under. Of course, Rich and Mack would never take advantage of the situation by poking Morgan when he can’t defend himself. Mack […]

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